For the first time in my life, I represented 3 companies in the same year in 3 different cities.

I experienced 2 onboardings, 2 first days and a lot of first-time chats with lots of interesting people.

My job requires me to talk with people all day, but meeting new…

Last week I did a post about how the demand for recruiters is rising all over the world.

Talent is becoming more picky and smarter than ever therefore companies need to invest in talented and creative recruiters to attract them.

However being a tech recruiter has a lot of downsides…

Last week I did a post on LinkedIn asking opinions about Cover Letters.

Today I would like to share the insights that I got from that post and my personal opinion!

First, cover letter can be very useful to:

  • Understand the motivation of the candidates;
  • Assess the writing skills of the candidates;
  • For Candidates that are changing industries/areas…

Gonçalo Sequeira

Do you want to know more about Careers, Job Interviews, Recruitment or Human Resources? Stay tuned!

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