Few years ago, taking a Degree or a Master’s was enough to get a good job and a good living but today the circumstances are different.

It is quite easy to get a Degree in Europe and almost everyone has access to it. At the same time, you can learn…

Candidate experience is a hot topic right now. Companies are hiring like crazy and people are more careful regarding changing jobs, this leads to a interesting market for the candidate because they can decide where they want to work, not only in terms of what job they will do but…

Last week I did a post about how the demand for recruiters is rising all over the world.

Talent is becoming more picky and smarter than ever therefore companies need to invest in talented and creative recruiters to attract them.

However being a tech recruiter has a lot of downsides…

Everyone on LinkedIn, sooner or later, will be reached out by a recruiter in their lifetime.

Why? People look for jobs and a recruiter looks for a person that can excel in a job!

After I started my career in recruitment, I saw a lot of good and bad comments…

I was running yesterday and I saw a couple of people going to their jobs by car or by bus.

And BOOM this post “happened” in my head.

If you are an employed recruiter in 2021 do you know how lucky you are?

A lot of jobs that require human…

Another week, another post.

This week, I had a very helpful tip from Catarina Venceslau de Oliveira, asking me my opinion regarding photos on CVs.

She showed me a wonderful example. Someone was looking for a babysitter position and the photo was clearly taken after a great sun-set party.


Last week I did a post on LinkedIn asking opinions about Cover Letters.

Today I would like to share the insights that I got from that post and my personal opinion!

  • Understand the motivation of the candidates;
  • Assess the writing skills of the candidates;
  • For Candidates that are changing industries/areas…

24 days ago, we started a new year. I believe everyone has their own expectations, goals and dreams for this year. Even if you didn’t write or shared them with your family and friends.

Usually there are a lot of people who write their goals and share them with others…

In my point of view, getting feedback about your work, content, life or goals is the key to improve, be successful and happy in the long term.

However, it is not always that people accept feedback well, even myself don’t accept feedback in a good way all the time.


During the pandemic a lot of people were fired from their jobs without much time to process the real reason for it.

When that happens people quickly jump to start applying to jobs online to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, they are wasting a great…

Gonçalo Sequeira

Do you want to know more about Careers, Job Interviews, Recruitment or Human Resources? Stay tuned!

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